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1. To get your membership with the AAOPM select the membership registration option below and pay the associated fee ($399 or $299).
2. To begin the Board Certification Pathway, the $499 Board Certification Fee must be paid from the start. The additional fees (Membership & Exam) can be scheduled but must be paid within the next 6 months. Please select the date you wish to have these payments mafe (see below).
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Board Certification Exam fees do not need to be paid in advance.
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Membership with the AAOPM is a 1 year term.
Board Certification Pathway
Health Care Practitioners
Pain Management
Anti-Aging Medicine
Weight Managment Medicine
AAOPM Board Certification Fees
Board Certification is valid for 10 years. Renewal fee is 50% of original fees
Board Certification Pathway
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Written Exam


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I agree to the terms & condtions and understand that there are absolutely no refunds. Member plaque will be shipped to you within 14 business days. Certification certificate will be mailed withing 14 days after your successful completion of Board written exam. Make sure your name & degree are written correctly, there are not refunds for errors. This charge will appear as AAOPM. This agreement and all actions arising from it shall be governed by / construed in accordance with the laws of Florida. The undersigned agrees that any actions arising from agreement will be settled in Broward County, Florida, and the prevailing party will be entitle to attorneys fees.

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